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China's national economic data veracity unaffected by regional statisti...
  Release time: 2018/01/19 17:16:00
The data quality has been improved, both at national and regional levels, said Ning Jizhe, head of the National Bureau of Statistics(NBS), in response to data fabrication reported in Tianjin and some other regions.A unified calculation syst

Is Talk of U.S. Steel Tariffs Giving You Deja Vu? It Shouldn’t
  Release time: 2018/01/19 17:09:00
But any feelings of deja vu would be misleading, as Trump’s strategy to protect domestic steelmakers would be far different than George W.Bush’s move back in.At the time, Bush slapped tariffs on steel using power granted to him by Section

Steel News

Tata Steel raises $1.3 billion through bonds
  Release time: 2018/01/19 17:19:00
The issue comprises$300 million 4.45% Unsecured Bonds due on July 24, 2023 and$1 billion 5.45 per cent Unsecured Bonds due on January 24, 2028 by Abja Investment Co Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Steel incorporated in Singapore.

Great Lakes steel production surges by 16,000 tons
  Release time: 2018/01/19 17:14:00
Steel mills in the Great Lakes region made 640000 tons of metal the previous week, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute.Most of the steel made in the Great Lakes region is produced in Lake and Porter counties in Northwest Indi

Raw Material

Shippers benefit as China laps up Brazilian iron ore
  Release time: 2018/01/03 17:20:00
To combat severe winter smog, China has slashed iron ore output, pushing steel mills in the world’s second biggest economy to import more high-grade ore.While Australia is the top iron ore exporter to China with 652 million tonnes exported

Chinese economic performance helps Australia make bolder budget surplus...
  Release time: 2017/12/20 17:45:00
China has been credited as a key player in the positive forecast with the country's strong manufacturing sector contributing to Australian commodity prices, notably that of iron ore, being higher than forecast.The report was published as th

Equipment & Technology

High-Strength Steel On Display With Launch Of All-New 2019 Ram 1500
  Release time: 2018/01/19 16:59:00
According to Ram, this is the strongest 1500 to date, featuring more than 98 percent high-strength steel in the frame and 54 percent high-strength steel in the core body structure.The use of high-strength steel in the frame enables noise-,

China to invest $113b in railway in 2018
  Release time: 2018/01/03 17:08:00
About 702 billion yuan of the total amount will be used to build 4000 km of new rail tracks, including 3500 kilometers in high-speed railways next year.Among the total, high-speed railways will rise to 30000 km by 2020 and connect more tha

Steel End-users

BYD launches unmanned driving system for monorail
  Release time: 2018/01/10 16:55:00
It is the first of such transportation tools in the world to be empowered by self-driving system with 100 percent proprietary intellectual property rights.Meanwhile, China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has provided the latest 4.5G eLTE servi

Accord to bolster global sales of Chinese planes
  Release time: 2018/01/08 13:43:00
The agreement has created a positive environment and streamlined procedures for Chinese aeronautical products to enter the international market, said Xu Chaoqun.Head of the airworthiness certification department at the Civil Aviation Admini